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owner + lead planner

double doozie cookies . excellent food . unique spirits . great company .

Hey, beautiful!

Ever since I was young, I've loved every single aspect of well-designed and well-executed events. I married my amazing husband DeWayne on November 19, 2022, and that's how I figured out all things surrounding weddings were my true passion. I am a very sentimental person [hence where the business name came from] and cherish the moments I spend with the ones I love the most.

Growing up, I always was the planner. My parents' work events, birthday parties, everything! I have been planning major events since 2016 and it is something that I quickly fell in love with. I graduated in 2018 from Northwestern State with a degree in Hospitality Management and Tourism and Business Administration. I went on to plan corporate events for four years and loved everything I was able to design, coordinate, and execute - including a Jurassic Park-themed NYE


I love the moments when you can take a step back and see everything you've dreamed of and worked so hard planning all come together. The laughter that can fill a room, and the memories that guests are left with make it all so rewarding and fulfilling. 

Music quite literally is my jam. I crave creativity and am disoriented without it. My joys in life come from family, itineraries, to-do lists, and all things logistics. Where most people feel chaos, I am calm.

I’m still writing this story, but so far, I love where it’s going. Enough about me, I'm eager to get to know you!


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