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Why You Need a Wedding Coordinator

Maybe you are a Pinterest pinning pro, design diva, and SUPER organized (if you have a love for spreadsheets - we love you for that). So why, in the world, would you need to hire a wedding coordinator? Unless you want to be the one handling last-minute details, vendor management, and issues that arise before, during, and after the ceremony and reception, you’ll want to have someone take on the role of wedding coordinator for the day. A day-of coordinator is essential for any couple who wants to do most of the planning themselves, but when their wedding day arrives, they need a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning. They help to make sure that you and your partner can just enjoy each other on your wedding day, as you should! Hiring a coordinator is an investment in peace of mind on the biggest day of your life. Continue reading for our seven reasons why you should (and need to) hire a coordinator!

First, let's get into what is a wedding coordinator?

At Simmons Sentiments, we call this service wedding management. A coordinator won't be involved in wedding design or sourcing and booking vendors as a full-service wedding planner would. Read our blog post about the difference between a planner and a coordinator. Instead, a coordinator starts working with you in the month leading up to your big day, learning everything you've planned so far and focusing on logistics, organization, and execution. They become your venue and vendor liaison, so you don’t need to answer a single question or make any decisions on your big day. They are innovative and creative problem solvers who step in when things go wrong and often fix problems before they even happen.

1. You (nor those closest to you) shouldn't be working on your wedding day.

You (or your friends and family) shouldn't be the one organizing and executing your wedding day. A good wedding coordinator must have an understanding of design, be flexible, and be willing to arrive hours in advance. It's not a job you want to impose on your wedding party or family members, as it leaves them too busy to enjoy the day. Plus, you need someone with a specific skillset who can direct your wedding party, put out last-minute fires, think quickly on their feet, execute the timeline, and more.

2. All the small details that you have to work out.

If you've made it this far without a professional coordinator KUDOS TO YOU—but the 30 days before your wedding can be, by far, the most stressful. This is when you're collecting the last of RSVPs, starting your seating chart (don't even get us started on the difficulties of seating charts), touching base with all of your amazing vendors, etc. This is the time to wrap up all the small details that unfortunately can often slip through the cracks. There's nothing like the peace of mind that comes along with getting to hand those overwhelming details over to a professional and spend the month leading up to your wedding focusing on what's actually important: you and your spouse-to-be!

3. Creating the timeline (and making sure people follow it). Whew.

Professional wedding coordinators are best suited to create wedding day timelines, as they are an art form in themselves. The blueprint for your wedding day is a professionally made timeline. All your vendor's information will be contained in one consolidated timeline, made and managed by your coordinator. It’ll include the getting ready timeline, vendor arrival times, ceremony cues, reception order (including dinner service timing, speeches, dancing, and other formalities), and end-of-night clean-up. Having all the important info in one place gives your vendors the whole picture of the day, which helps make sure everything is organized and expertly executed. Without a coordinator to create a master timeline, it is harder for your vendor team to have the clarity and answers they need to execute a flawless experience for you and your guests.

4. You need someone to make sure your entire day goes smoothly.

A coordinator will be there starting with your rehearsal to make sure everyone knows what they’re doing, where they’re standing, when to walk, read, hand the rings over, grab the bouquet, etc. They will be there on the day of, directing guests, directing and assisting the wedding party, fixing boutonnieres and corsages, and making sure you're tucked away and get down the aisle with ease. A wedding is a production: there are cues to hit, people to wrangle, readings to read, speakers to speak, and music to play—without a ringleader to bring these pieces together, your day can quickly become disorganized and disjointed. The beauty of a coordinator is that they are the go-to point person for the family and friends and they know that your coordinator can help them out with any questions or concerns (and they don't have to bother you - YAY).

5. So much happens (so fast) while getting ready.

While your vendors set up at your venue, a coordinator will come to your getting-ready location (both yours and your soon-to-be spouse’s) and make sure the day starts off smoothly. During this time, they’ll help you with anything you need, which might include making sure everyone adheres to the timeline, having an emergency kit with everything you could possibly need, assisting with your wardrobe, and fluffing your train. While your other vendors are setting up, snapping photos, and applying hair and make-up, it is crucial to have someone there to support you with all the little things happening in the morning.

6. When _____ hits the fan.

Coordinators are like problem-solving ninjas. When the unpredictable happens, they snap into action. To take it a step further, day-of wedding coordinators identify problems before they happen. They’ll make sure there are sound backup plans in place for a rain plan or other emergencies. We always discuss a well-thought-out plan for inclement weather ahead of time so we can be prepared for anything. A coordinator is specifically there for YOU when you need someone the most.

7. The sentimental things.

With a coordinator on your team, there is no worrying about setting up those precious little sentimental details. A coordinator makes sure all your personal touches get to the venue and are in the right place, and they will not only get these items to the venue but also make sure everything looks exactly the way you want it to. This allows you to focus on soaking in every moment (there will be a lot) on the morning of your wedding! At the end of the night when your vendors are closing down and packing up, your coordinator will pack y

our items up and get them to wherever you need them (hotel room, car, etc.) so you can jump right into your get-away car without any concern in the world about what happened to your personal and sentimental items.


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